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Our Vision

At Akeo, we wish to enhance customer involvement in building lending framework. We create the modules of lending framework along with our customers to make the end-product exactly how they need. By offering such a unique solution, we aim to be the top go-to framework providers in Europe for S&M business owners.

Espen Moen Kvelland


"With Akeo Lending framework, we have developed customizable P2P lending platforms for our customers."

We have combined the best practices to create a complete lending solution containing all features we see essential for a start-up looking to build a P2P lending platform. However, we do know that one framework does not fit all platforms, and therefore Akeo Lending comes with a modular as well as customizable backend and frontend.

We feel proud to introduce Akeo Lending Solutions, a one-of-a-kind modular framework in the P2P lending market!

Automated KYC/AML





Automated APIs, Transparent, No Mundane Paperwork, with Akeo Lending simplify the complexity of Loan and Investment Management


Integrated Collection Reports let you know all the cash payables and receivables in a seamless, secure manner. The system can be customized to retrieve operational information for a said duration to ease working.


At Akeo Lending, all calculations are done using formulae obtained from the database. The implementation needs to be done just once, all succeeding customization of the formulae is merely a matter of changing data.


Akeo Lending software can be structured to recognize patterns and take decisions on human-crafted or curated rule sets. The rule-based system increases the scope of innovation, enhances system efficiency in comparison to existing lending systems.


Secured electronic accounting saves time and reduces cost throughout the lending and borrowing life cycle. The system calculates EMIs, manages cash payables and receivables internally in a seamless manner.


Easily incorporate third-party applications like E-mail, Messaging, CRM, Payment Processing, Lead Scoring, and Decisioning, etc. with the lending management system to offer best services and solutions.


We offer consistent, smooth end-to-end loan management interface. The easy sequential steps in the loan management system integrated with customized UI provides a seamless experience to the end-user.

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