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Lending rates in Europe witnesses all time low, a new paradigm trend begins

As a customer, many of us have gone to the bank to avail a loan for education, home, business, etc. purpose. Each time we as customers have availed a loan we have had to pay interest on the sum taken as loan. Did you ever think that a bank might pay you to avail the...

Open Banking implementation in the lending industry

Open Banking has started to revolutionize the fintech and banking industry across the European Region. This new form of banking under PSD2 has changed the banking industry to be more customer centric and has offered the potential to get a grasp on a customer’s...

P2P landscape statistics in 2018

2018 has been a revolutionary year for the Fintech industry. The overall investment and lending business turnover surpassed than those of 2017’s total turnover even before 2018 ended.